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The Superyacht Stewardess Drought of 2020

Can’t find a fulltime Stewardess this Summer? This could be the reason why

Summer is here, yachts are in full swing and coming off a year of harsh lock downs and minimal international travel, owners are keen to use their yachts. But where are all the stewardesses?

The very simple answer …..Freelancing !

Gone are the days where stewardesses are gunning for fulltime positions onboard superyachts.

Once upon a time daywork was reserved for the keen ‘greeny’ frothing to get some experience, hoping it might lead to a permanent position.  

Now, it is reserved for the experienced stewardess keen to share their time between both work and the beach (and getting paid top dollar for it)

But who can blame them… the freelance rate for a stewardess in Sydney harbour has gone through the roof !

We’d all prefer to hit the beach over summer and work when we want. And why wouldn’t you if your financially better off.

2-3 years ago the standard day rate in Australia was $250 / day , maybe $300 / day for someone experienced.

Now, girls are freelancing for upwards of $400-$500+ / day and over $1000 for the major events like NYE.

Captains & Engineers are scratching their heads wondering what happened to their salaries.

Decky’s are discreetly looking up stewardess fast track courses in their spare time.

Networks are flooded, with “we need a stew this weekend URGENTLY” “Can anyone recommend a stew” “ I need a Steeeeeewwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Over 50% of the stewardess positions on yachts in Sydney harbour are now filled by freelancing stewardesses

How did this position turn into a role that is now only filled casually?

Here are a few reasons…

  1. Fulltime Stewardess Salaries haven’t budged much in 10 years

You pay for what you get. Owners need to be educated that if they want the best possible service, the same faces, the crew to live on constant standby ect… they have to pay for it

  • Demand far out ways Supply

2020 has seen an influx of new yachts arrive into Australia to take up residence here. More yachts means more crew are needed and there just doesn’t seem enough crew (namely stewardesses) to go around

  • Fulltime salaries are always taxed

There is allot of in the hand transactions in the freelance market , or in the very least through an ABN where rates are paid in full

  • The freelance rate is enough to make lawyers blush  

When demand is high, the price goes up … its simple business

  • People want a better lifestyle balance

Everyone would prefer to be at the beach than go to work

  • Some yachts (not all) don’t fully look after their fulltime crew

No finger pointing here but if yachts take care of their fulltime crew and meet their financial and lifestyle needs, they tend to keep them long term and fulltime

So how does the fulltime stewardess drought get fixed?

Short Answer…There needs to be a cultural shift back to making the fulltime stewardess position attractive again.

Otherwise rates will keep going up , the drought will get worse and the search to find that elusive stewardess will go on