Superyacht Jobs

Crew Placement Agreement


Revised June 2015


It is agreed that the Client (Captain, Owner, or Owner’s Representative) engages Major Yacht Services to provide resumes of Candidates to be considered for employment, and agrees to pay for services rendered.  The placement fee for our services is earned each time a Candidate is employed within one year from the date the Candidate was referred to the Client.  This fee obligation will also be incurred by said Client who refers a Major Yacht Services Candidate to another employer, should that Candidate be subsequently hired within one year of the referral.


Acceptance of resumes indicates acceptance of all terms on this contract.  It is also agreed that it is the Client’s responsibility to inform Major Yacht Services of Candidates previously known to the Client within 48 hours of receipt from Major Yacht Services, otherwise the Client will be obligated to Major Yacht Services for payment of due placement fees regardless of alternate source of Candidates or time of receipt.


Temporary Placement Fee (1 – 30 days) 25% override of total wages paid, or a minimum of Aus$110.00

Temp-to-Perm Placement Fee 25% override of wages paid monthly until amount equal to Permanent Fee is paid (No Warranty)

Seasonal Placement Fee (31 – 90 days) 20% override of total wages paid, or a minimum of Aus$770.00

Permanent Placement Fee (91+ days) 75% of monthly salary, or a minimum of Aus$1500.00

Wire Transfer Fee of Aus$30.00 will be added to any invoice requiring payment by wire transfer.

Prices are excluding GST


Notification of Employment – Because Major Yacht Services does not employ the Candidates directly, when an offer of employment has been rendered and accepted, it is the Client’s responsibility to inform Major Yacht Services of the terms of employment such as Candidate name, start date, position, and salary, within 48 hours of hiring.  In such cases where a Temporary or Seasonal Candidate returns to work for a Client after the initial employment period, within one year from the original referral, additional placement fees will be due as normal, up to the maximum amount of a Permanent Placement Fee.  Failure to inform Major Yacht Services within one week of employment or re-employment will cause all normal placement fees to incur a 25% surcharge, and all Warranty Rights will be forfeited.

Notification of TerminationShould a permanent Candidate’s employment be terminated within the Warranty Period, for just cause and not for lack of work, it is the Client’s responsibility to inform Major Yacht Services of the date and cause for termination within one week of separation from the employer to be eligible for a replacement Candidate.

Payment Terms – Full payment is due within 30 days of invoice date or all Warranty Rights are waived.  After 30 days, Client will be responsible to pay accrued interest of 1.5% per month plus reasonable costs of collection, including court costs, attorney fees, and/or collection agency fees.

5) WARRANTY PERIOD: (Warranty is valid only if all terms listed in Numbers 1-4 above have been met.)

In the event that a Permanent Candidate is discharged with just cause, or voluntarily leaves said employer with or without just cause, within 60 days from start date, we will replace the applicant once with no additional charge.  The replacement Candidate’s Warranty Period will be limited to 60 days from his/her start date. In the event a suitable replacement cannot be provided and a Candidate is hired through another source, the Client will receive a Credit in the amount of the placement fee to be used against the employers account for any future crew placements within the next 12 months. This guarantee policy is for the replacement service only and does not include refunds.  It is the Clients responsibility to cover any travel expenses incurred for the Crew members.

It is understood that Candidates hired are hired at-will as employees of the Client, and that Major Yacht Services cannot be held responsible for the actions of the Candidate in any circumstance.  It is also understood that the Candidates are under no contract with Major Yacht Services, and all taxes and employment eligibility requirements are the responsibility of the Client, as are background checks and reference verification, etc.


I agree to the terms 1-5 above, and have authority to enter into such agreement on behalf of the vessel owner, details of which are below.  I understand no placement fee will be incurred unless a crew member is hired through Major Yacht Services.