Are you a stewardess or residence manager looking to work on the beautiful Northen Beaches of Sydney?

Are you interested in working for a lovely family who values longevity?

Position Snapshot

The lifestyle manager will be responsible for a diverse variety of daily tasks involving

The family is open to contracting a cleaning company , 1 day / week for a deep house clean but there will be general housekeeping/ tidying involved on a daily basis

The family consists of Mum & Dad, 3 boys and a small dog.

Boy (15 yrs) Year 9 –

Boy (13 yrs) Year 7 –

Boy (8 yrs) Year 3 –

Mr works fulltime in the city and travels frequently, while Mrs works while also studying her Masters from home so a pretty busy family.

They are looking for a professional lifestyle manager to take care of the family’s day to day needs

You are required a full drivers license (you will be given a car for work & personal use for duration of employment) as you’ll also help with driving the youngest to sports or pick ups / drop offs while we’re working and be around after school when they get home.

The eldest child has cystic fibrosis. He is clinically very well but sometimes requires additional food preparations, support or picking up of medications, dropping samples to the hospital etc. Occasionally he has health challenges at school and may need to be picked up from School during the day.


Menu planning, shopping & cooking

We’re a family who enjoys delicious healthy food; you’ll prepare the evening meals to be served at 6.30pm before you leave, along with snacks for the kids lunches and occasionally help preparing for dinner parties etc.

We’re looking for a competent family cook who is interested in cooking a varying diet of healthy nutritious meals.

Menu planning & cooking for the family dinners for the week (Mon to Fri only)


Overnight stays and occasional week stay.

As we have no family in Sydney, we are also looking for a lifestyle manager who will be available to babysit our youngest 2-3 nights per month with notice of course (which we will swap for mutually agreed time off in the same week). As we sometimes both have to travel, we’ll require someone who is able to occasionally stay overnight with the kids for a week or two. This would only happen once a year and we would agree on a mutually convenient time with an additional fee on top of salary for these periods.


5 days per week

Mon to Fri, normal hours of work 9.30am – 6.30pm  (45 hours per week), but given the nature of this role, hours may vary.

Salary compensation will take into account the hours mentioned above.


Base Salary                $100,000

Annual Leave

As part of the contract, we’ll offer you 5 weeks of annual leave during school holidays, plus one week at a mutually agreed time of your choosing throughout the year.

April school holidays (1 week)

July school holidays (1 week)

September school holidays (1 week)

Christmas holidays (2 weeks)

Paid Personal/Carers Leave

You will have access to 10 workdays paid personal leaved, accrued annually to be used when you absent:

  1. Due to personal illness or injury; or
  2. To provide care or support to immediate family or a member of the household who is ill or injured, or has an unexpected emergency; or
  3. To observe religious or culturally significant days or events

Paid personal leave is cumulative but will not be paid out on termination of employment.


Superannuation payment of 10.5% will be paid based on your agreed remuneration.  default superannuation fund is CBUS, but you can nominate another fund if you wish



This role also includes:

How we think about this role

We’ve had three lifestyle managers prior to this (each approx. 5 year tenures) and each of those relationships has been an incredibly important part of our family during those times. Given that you’ll be in our home and part of everything that goes on, we’re looking for someone who is the right personality fit for our family – and it’s obviously important to us that we’re the right fit for you.

Our current lifestyle manager has been an incredible support to us and has felt like a genuine member of our family. All three of our boys are outgoing, affectionate, and good humans; and as we’ve both always worked, our kids have had important and close relationships with anyone who has supported us in the home.

Sadly, our current lifestyle manager is moving overseas for personal reasons but as part of this discovery, we’re more than happy for the final applicant to chat with her to find out more about the role and what it’s like to work with our family.

As you develop relationships with the boys, we’d encourage them to see you as another ‘parent type’ figure in the home, and hope that you would respond in a similar way. We see this role as one in partnership with us, and so we’re looking for someone who enjoys children (as much as teenage boys can be enjoyed) and is happy to be part of that.