As the world is shocked by yet another terrorist attack in France today, Superyacht crew around the world are beginning to rethink their travel to Europe.


Today in Nice, France. A man drove a truck down the high st of Promenade Des Anglais during Frances National Bastille Day Celebrations, killing over 70 unsuspecting people and injuring dozens.

Nice is the primary entrance port, for superyacht crew flying into France.

Nice being only 20 minutes to the ports of Antibes and Monaco and a stone throw away from the pubs in the old town of Nice, a regular hot spot for superyacht crew on their nights off.


Reports from yacht crew currently in Antibes say the security presence has intensified this season. Not only in and around the airport but at all major seaports along the French Riviera.

“It is not unusual to see hordes of police wearing tactical gear around areas of significance”, Says chief officer Ben Lewis, “there definitely seems to be a greater security presence this year than in previous years.”


Superyachts are also incorporating strict security measures, with many maintaining 24 hour gangway watches when in port. Other Superyachts are choosing to remain at anchor instead of spending a night in some less secure marinas along the Mediterranean coast.


French Immigration officers at airports have also intensified their boarder control measures particularly with their decisions about who can enter Europe and for how long.

Foreign Superyacht Crew should definitely be prepared with the adequate visas, seaman’s discharge book and ships papers if wanting to be guaranteed a smooth entrance into France. In light of today’s events they should also be prepared for lengthy delays if travelling to Nice in the coming weeks.


But is the increase of security actually working and is it safe for superyacht crew to undertake the season with confidence of their safety, particularly around the ports of Europe and North Africa?


 “We shouldn’t change how we live our lives” says Ben Lewis, “Increase security measures, absolutely… But our yachting life must go on. The day we stop doing the things we love is the day terrorism wins”