Are you a high-end chef available for an exciting FIFO contract?

Position Snapshot

A high net worth , superyacht owner is in need of an experienced , culinary trained chef to work a short 6 day contract on a private rural station in Western Australian

With the assistance of the principles permanent service staff the chef should look to deliver a terrific culinary experience for the guests

Breakfast is usually family style bacon and eggs/pancakes and normally brunch time

Family style lunch – share plates in middle of table

Pre-dinner canapes or nibbles

3 courses for dinner (not always full plating for dinner)

 Timings usually around 10:30ish, 2/2:30ish and 7:30 for dinner although this does change

Provisioning done ahead of time , remotely with assistance of a fulltime owners chef

The chef can cook their strengths and develop menus / bounce ideas off the permanent chef in Perth

Will fly from any location within Australia, but preference given to chefs based in WA