Are you a deck/engineer or engineer looking for an off the beaten track itinerary?

Are you interested in joining a new build SY program in Asia?

Position Snapshot



The recently launched state of the art new build Sail Catamaran is currently in Japan but will be in Malaysia by mid-December and move on to Thailand. Candidates can meet in either Malaysia or Thailand.

Plans are for the yacht to make its way to the Mediterranean for the spring.

The two owners, husband and wife come and go as they have business to attend to and their home in the Cayman Islands.

All water sports, the owners have plenty of toys on board and enjoy them with the crew.

They have a particular interest in diving and crew with skills in this area will be well received.

Being a New Build the owners are spending quite a bit of time onboard and are thoroughly enjoying their new yacht, annual leave and days off can be discussed with candidates for mutual agreement. Crew often take time to travel with or without the owners, this past weekend crew went for a trip to Tokyo per their request.

All ages and nationalities but we would prefer candidates with passports from easy to obtain visa countries. Current nationalities on the boat are; New Zealand, American, Canadian and Dutch.

The Engineer will receive training from the current chief engineer onboard who will depart the vessel in early January but will remain with the program in a technical support capacity

The vessel will consider someone looking to step up from a deck/engineer role,  sail yacht experience is optional.

The Ideal Candidate



Start: December


Join: Malaysia or Thailand


Are you a Sail Yacht Engineer looking for an equal time rotation?


Are you interested in a world tour?


Position Snapshot


A high spec 140’+ Sloop is on the search for an engineer with sail yacht experience to join their professional team.


The yacht is currently in the South Pacific Islands and plans to head to Australia for a brief yard period.


After which the vessel will slowly make its way back to Europe.


The chief engineer should enjoy working on a travelling yacht and being an integral part of a professional team, must possess sound electrical skills.


Ideally the chief engineer will hold a Y4 or MEOL however will consider AEC with excellent experience


Ideally the chief engineer will want an ongoing rotation however will consider a 2 month relief contract if located in Oz/NZ region


The Ideal Candidate



Start: When Found


Rotation: 10 weeks On/Off + economy flights


Salary: 5500€- 6000€ / month (Paid 12) + 13th month bonus





Are you an experienced Engineer keen for a world tour?

Are you interested in being in Spain for the America’s Cup?

Position Snapshot

A little about the itinerary:


The boat is currently in a mini refit in Australia and should depart for New Zealand on the first of December, we’ll have an owner trip and then pick up a two week charter just before Christmas. Once we drop them off, we will prepare and head across the pacific towards South America. Where we will cruise there for a few weeks, before rounding the Cape and heading north towards Rio, and then across the Atlantic, back to the Med for the summer, where we will charter, and be a part of the America’s Cup, after which the boat will head to the yard in Palma for the winter to replace decks and have a paint job.

The owners are American, very nice, but like to be quite involved. The schedule is also quite hectic, as we will be on the go pretty much solidly for the next year. So with all the miles we will be doing, I’d really like to get people with a bit of experience under their belts. We won’t be on the dock or in any major hubs for the most part. So looking for crew who quite calm and keen for an adventure.

The Ideal Engineer

Start; ASAP

Relief Period: Now until December

Full time: Now- Ongoing

Salary: from $7000 US / Month , going up for great experience

Fulltime role with possibility for rotation after the vessel reaches Palma