Are you a deckhand with strong recreational fishing background?

Are you interested in cruising the remote Kimberely this winter?

Position Snapshot

A 32m expedition vessel is on the search for a deck/mate with a fishing background, line or spear.



The yacht is run with a fulltime crew of 5/6 and the deckhand will work within a highly professional superyacht style team , with plenty of opportunity to learn under an experienced/ approachable captain.

The owner loves his fishing and the deck/mate should be comfortable taking care of gear, setting up rigs , driving the day fishing support tender, or perhaps accompanying the owner on spearing trips (if a spearo)


The yacht has a terrific reputation , with both personable / friendly / accommodating owners and fun / adventurous / professional crew dynamic.


The owner fly’s in/out on various locations with good down time in-between trips.

Aside from fishing , the deckhand should have competent tender driving skills, comfortable on bridge lookout and keen to gain some serious sea miles over the next 12 months.


Vessel movement plans over the next 12 months-


April – Cairns.


May – Cairns to Darwin


June, July, Aug -Kimberley


September – Darwin to cairns


Oct, November -Cairns GBR


Dec,Jan,Feb – Melbourne (possibly Tasmania)

Salary: Depending on level of Candidate

Start: early/mid-April (flexible)